Historiographic Hall of the National Museum of
Natural Sciences "Bernardino Rivadavia "

BERRA DESARROLLOS CREATIVOS was invited by CONICET and the National Museum of Natural Sciences to develop and implement, in a spacious area within the historic building, a permanent exhibition intended to tell the story of Argentine Natural Sciences from 1810 to date. The Studio, created and designed, and developed the contents along with specialists from CONICET.

We provided the necessary equipment for new space as well as different visual, scenic and interactive resources. We transformed the rooms in such way that the themes are displayed in attractive, original and continuous ways. Historical characters guide the visitors along the route. This is the history of Argentina’s science “celebrities”: Florentino Ameghino, Charles Darwin, Bernardo Houssay Rivadavia himself are there, through a " holographic illusion " to tell the history they starred in.