La Carolina | San Luis

We create museums oriented both by the topic and the visitor. We treat themes in such way that the visitors feel mesmerized both by the intellectual approach and the sensory and emotional dimension. We intend that visitors abandon their “spectator” place to adopt an active protagonist of the story we are telling. This is the case of the museum dedicated to the life and works of Juan Crisostomo Lafinur. This small interpretative center offers visitors a profound experience.

In the Center the Poet "comes alive " to tell visitors his hopes, his ideals and his misadventures. He also recites some of his works and introduces one by one; the few mementos of his time that still remain. The Government of San Luis requested the Museum Juan Crisostomo Lafinur. It was built in the small mining village where Lafinur was born. The Center is a good example of what we call: "Author’s museum."